The world is corrupted and terrible, and the evil agents of the world have long held back the end foretold in prophesy. Where once mighty heroes stopped apocalypses, evil tyrants now sustain their terrible reigns. Where once valiant wizards wove spells to heal the world or hold back the darkness, terrible liches now undue even the fate of the grave. Where saints beat back evil gods to their dark realms, terrible cults hold even the gods themselves imprisoned. In a world no longer fit to exist, the true heroes are called upon to tear it down so it may start again.

The players will have to kick start the prophesies of the end times.

They shall travel down the vale of the dead where the ghosts of the past generations linger.

At the end of the vale is the gate to the underworld, long sealed shut by foul necromancers… they shall throw open the gates of the afterworld… letting the dead move on!

They shall free the lost gods from their prisons.

They shall wake the terrible monsters of legend to bring ruin to the cities of vampires & undead.

They shall cleanse the bloodline of holy kingdoms (now corrupt through inbreeding).

They shall unchain the primordials.

They will reclaim the lost artifacts.

They shall end the suffering.

They shall be the destroyers of the world, and all shall fear their coming.

Credit – Blackjaw of forums, via Adam Chevalier.